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Benefits of Rephop

Time saving 68%
Shorter reporting cycle Up to 52%
No worries with data transfer cloud_upload Subsidiary accounting journals can be imported automatically or uploaded in any format that your accounting software supports.
Historic transactions arrow_back Rephop remembers all business combination or asset sales transactions you have recorded in consolidation.
Intergroup transactions share Our machine learning techniques recognise intergroup transactions from imported data.
Currency calculation attach_money All transactions from subsidiaries that are operating in foreign currency are translated to group currency by daily rates.

What makes us different

Easy setup You only need to make few clicks and you can already see your figures. If you have consolidation mistakes in the past, our consultants can help you.
Shortest learning curve Rephop is intuitive and designed with CFOs. You do not need extensive trainings to get up and running - everything is self explanatory.
Easy but powerful No matter what consolidation transaction you need to record, you can do it. But the powerfulness does not make Rephop bulky.
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Our clients are happy!

The program is very convenient to use, reliable and web-based, which is extremely important as our subsidiaries are located in Europe, Australia and Belarus.

Julia Lavrjuk CAO | Admiral Markets

Rephop makes the consolidation process of large groups more transparent and fast. Comparison of intergroup transactions and balances is transparent, accurate and quick.

Mailis Kalmets CAO | UP Invest

100% cloud solution, work can be done anywhere with internet access. Rephop consolidation software has made the consolidation process easier.

Heleri Leppik CAO | Eesti Meedia

Rephop is used around the world

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