An entirely new way to see and use your financial information.


The easiest reporting.
Designed for you.

Rephop has been designed for humans – for you. We have followed CFOs’ and accountants’ actual behaviour in planning, consolidation and reporting process and formed it for you. You don’t need to be an IT engineer to prepare your financials in Rephop.

Time saving.
Less concern.

You do not have any unreconciled intragroup transactions nor balancing equity items. Each person is responsible for their own data - you just need to approve it. This will save your time that you can spend on something more fun.

Faster reporting.
More advanced numbers.

At the end of every reporting period you can feel stressed out. It does not have to be like this anymore. We have implemented automated controls and activities to make your life easier on reporting cycle. You can easily share your numbers with stakeholders.

4 hour setup.
Differs from others.

We differ from others, we do not ask weeks or months of your time to setup the system. You can set up the consolidation within hours and of course if you need we will be there to help.


Planning features

Reporting features

Consolidation features


Consolidation process in Rephop

Open period

First, you open the consolidation period (dates, due dates, statements and currency rates).

Open period


Accountants reconcile and approve intragroup transactions. All those are checked automatically and will be used in the elimination process.


Insert statements

Accountants insert their companies’ financial statements. All currency translations are made automatically. Equity movement table keeps equity items reconciled with opening balances.

Insert statements

Review consolidation
and close

Accountants have inserted all data according to IFRS and intragroup transactions are eliminated. Now, CFO needs only to review and make manual eliminations if needed.

Review consolidation and close


Approve consolidation and Voilà. Stakeholders can access latest data through Rephop or you can send reports to them.



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Madis Lämmergas

Madis Lämmergas CEO

I have 7 years experience as an audit manager in Ernst & Young with software design and development experience from Ernst & Young Global.
I have extensive knowledge in designing consolidation and reporting processes for multinational companies.

Taavi Salo

Taavi Salo CTO

I have over 10 years of experience in web development, specially in e-commerce sites where the user experience is the key.
Additionally, I have been IT lead to implement ERP and accounting systems in multinational company.

Riku Asikainen

Riku Asikainen Advisor

During my entrepreneurial, management and investment career, which started in year 1988, I have been founder, director and investor in more than thirty ventures.

Tapio Nissilä

Tapio Nissilä Advisor

I have led complex transformations, change programs and performance improvement projects in sales, marketing and commercial functions of B2B and B2C companies. My areas of expertise include business transformations, sales and marketing effectiveness improvement and operational management.


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